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Booies.com Memorabilia
Now, for the first time, you have the opportunity of purchasing your own Booies.com memorabilia. Tons of great items available in tons of great varieties. So take a look. If you see something you like, I'm available by email at booies@aol.com.

Buy the Broken Shards that made Episode II in the world wide renowned series, Bovinain Chronicles. The pieces have been extremely well kept ever since they broke on that fateful day and are yours for only $355. Booies.com accept cash or credit, but, does in fact prefer cash.

$355.00 - Cash or Credit


     O YES! Like I Promised ... WATERMELON MAN Shirts! 7.456 (made up number) oz of full grown 100% cotton..with power windows, internal air conditioning, a frontal Watermelonman, and a backal booies logo. It's all yours for $14.99! Unless of course you can haggle me down to a price that is in fact fair.


    Now this is high quality shirt were talking here! It feels like silk and can deflect up to 9.9 laser beams a second!     
     At the moment Booies.com only carries the large variety. Keep in mind however that it is 100% cotton and cotton does shrink. If you still want a different size, I can custom order them for the same great price.

If the booies.com community expresses interest, new varieties (colors designs) of the watermelon man shirt will be coming soon!
$15.00 - Cash or Credit
Booies.com Memorabilia

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